Welcome to Aura Jewellery Design

Aura is beautiful beaded jewellery, which has been handcrafted especially for those of you who love colour, and have a desire to wear something stylishly different, be it understated elegance or a statement piece.

Individually designed jewellery allows you to have exactly what you want – with a perfect fit. Enhance the neckline of an outfit, or accent colours in a dress to reveal otherwise unnoticed detail. Bracelets are tailored to your wrist, and earrings made to complement your hairstyle, or just to add a touch of colour or sparkle.

On our pages you will find an evolving array of fabulous designs just waiting for you… designs which are both fashionable and accessible to all. An exciting concept of Aura is that you can also be a part of the creative process by bringing your ideas and getting involved in fashioning your own jewellery. You may surprise yourself!

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New and exciting – Aura Luxe!

A luxurious range of jewellery for when you desire something even more special.

Having recently invested in a new and unusual supply of amazing freshwater pearls, I am very excited to offer you something which is definitely out of the ordinary.

Individual designs of beautiful semi-precious gemstones, Swarovski crystals and these new, lustrous pearls will elevate your style each time you wear these stunning gems.

Elegant, classy and very desirable, Aura Luxe collections are coming very soon to Aura.

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